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PANHANS circular saw V90. Orders and Informations about our contract-partners in Europe.

In the center of every joinery is a format circular saw. It is the most important machine concerning sawing. What is required from these machine? The V90 must be able to manage everything and everybody should be able to handle it.

The center of competence for woodworking in Sigmaringen finishes after very intensive months of research and development the prototype-development of the PANHANS V90, a new format circular saw.

At the wood-handwork 2006 showed PANHANS the V90, which is now in massproduction will be presented at the LIGNA 2007. The strong format circular saw for profis, with bothside swingable saw blade and great cut height. The V90 opens PANHANS joiners new and revolutionary working possibilities on format circular saws.
With more than 170 mm cut heigh and vertical saw blade ist the V90 perfect for working with to the right and to the left swinged saw blade. To turn the panels is unnecessary.
The swinging area from +45,5° to -45,5° is precise adjusted for sawing.
With an up to 9 kW powerful motor for the main saw are no strenght problems possible.
For an optimal saw result is an optional stepless revs per minute adjustment of the main saw responsible, to save eight free chooseable speeds. The change of the saw blade is done without extra tools.

Because everybody should work with this format circular saw, the easy handling is very important for us. A 15 inch touchscreen offers much place für symbols and informations, which are showed to the operator at the same time and well structured. The practically oriented logic spares to search in unloved manual guides.

The PANHANS V90 is a format circular saw, which is based on the well known quality standard. There are no compromises concerning the reach to the saw blade and for the operator everything is ergonomical optimal placed and ensure a save and relaxed working.

With the PANHANS V90 a joiner owns the finest and most universal format circular saw of the present.

· PANHANS – for quality and innovation
· V – for both side swingable saw blade left and right
· 90 – for all vertical cuts

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