The PANHANS V12 enables an economical continued processing of panel materials ...




no wastage


continued processing of panel materials in the building industry


free positionable
V-mills cuts


integrated into the control panel

Technical advantages

  • the fold up system technology enables an economical continued processing of panel materials in the building and interior branches.In order to do so V mill cuts are put into the panel. The opposite situated cover made of chip board, synthetics, veneer or aluminium does not get milled. The panels can then be folded up and glued on the milled side, with the not-milled covers acting as hinges

  • the automated operation process of the centre allows for exact cuts in measurements and angles as well as the simultaneous execution of free positionable V-mill cuts at different panel widths and debths in one operation

  • cut optimization OPAL V12 is integrated into the control with cut plan design, data adoption including grooves and mill cuts on top and underside

Economical advantages

  • for processing of plaster card board panels

  • ready made elements at the building site, exactly cut building parts with exact edging

  • very economical finishing through various processes during one operation

  • no wastage (left overs) at the building site

  • architectonical building parts possible

Ergonomical advantages

  • minimal dust when working on plaster panels

  • no dangerous work at building site

Main usage areas

  • process centres for the manifactoring of folding up systems made of panel materials of plaster cardboard, wood, synthetics, aluminium and similar materials

  • used by the building industry, interior architects and designers, processors of synthetic, aluminium or panels with different surfaces

Technical Data:

Working area X-axis max.

3200 mm

Working area Y-axis max.

3200 mm

Cutting height max.

80 mm

Emerge of blade max.

82 mm

Main saw motor

11 kW

Rpm main saw motor 4400 rpm.
ø main saw blade 350 mm
Milling debth max. 25 mm
Milling motor 4,4 kW
Rpm V-milling tool 5700 1/min
Rotational direction parallel and counter rotation
ø V-milling tool max. 215 mm
Max. width V-milling tool 33 mm
V-milling angle min. 30° - max. 135°
Feed motor comb. milling and saw unit 0,75 kW
Power motor pusher fence 3,2 kW
Clamps pusher fence 6 piece
Clamp position from the left 5/250/400/990/1610/2850 mm
Lateral pressure facility for angle fence stepless up to 1300 mm
Min. suction speed at the suction point 35 m/s
Min. suction power 200 m3/min
Min. vacuum at suction points 800 Pa
Suction point at base 160 mm ø, 1 Stück links
140 mm ø, 1 Stück links
Vacuum Suction point pressure beam 120 mm ø, 3 Stück
Suction point unit cover 140 mm ø
Air pressure 6-8 bar
Air requirement 800 l/min
Voltage 400 V/50 Hz
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