PANHANS S45 Beam saw- Revolution in cutting technology ...




Capacity and Profit


S45 all in one
all in one machine


one-man-multifunctional saw
manual, semi-automated or fully automated


S45 all in one .... the inovation: 0-45° mitre cuts

Due to varying needs in the carpentry industry a range of saws have been developed in the past, such as table circular saws, sliding table saws, wall saws and horizontal pressure beam saws.

Each of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. With the development of the new horizontal sawing centre "S45 all in one" it is now possible for the firt time that all cutting functions including angle and mitre cuts from 0° to 45° angle can be operated on one machine.

With this one-man-multifunctional saw it is possible to execute all type of work down to the smallest work piece. Starting from the work panel all work can be done according to preference on a manual, semi-automated or full automated basis.

The motto "Don't saw, but let saw" applies here. The new S45 all in one offers all advantages of an automated sawing centre for the carpentry profession. For the first time it is possible to achieve industrial precision and workmanship at low cost in your own factory. Angle cuts for example can be cut to an exactitude of 1/100 degrees. This guarantees nearly invisible mitre connections.

Factories, which have been testing the new S45 all in one are delighted. Big savings in time and personnel costs and increases in production and profit are the results.

Technical Data:


Sawing length


Sawing lenght


Table length

3200 x 3200 x 1400 (.pdf)
4200 x 3200 x 1400 (.pdf)
4200 x 4200 x 1400 (.pdf)


Arguments for S45 (.pdf)
Technical Data (.pdf)

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Working area X-axis max.

3200 or 4200 mm

Working area Y-axis max.

2850 / 3200 / 4200 mm

Cutting height max.

60 mm

Emerge of blade max.

70 mm

Main saw motor

7,5 kW

Rpm main saw motor 4400 1/min
ø main saw blade 350 mm
max. blade thickness 4,40 mm
Scoring saw motor 1,1 kW
Rpm scoring saw 6800 1/min
Rotational direction counter rotation
ø scoring saw blade 180 mm
Mitre angle min. 0° - max. 45°
Cutting height max. at 45° 40 mm
Angle cut device - 45° bis + 45°
Feed motor tilting saw unit 0,37 kW
Feed motor pusher fence 0,75 kW
Clamps at pusher fence
at SL 3200 mm 5 piece
at SL 4200 mm 6 piece
Clamp position from the left
at SL 3200 mm 65/245/395/985/2225
at SL 4200 mm 65/245/395/985/2225/3465
Stops at pusher fence
at SL 3200 mm 1 piece
at SL 4200 mm 2 piece
Position of stops from the left
at SL 3200 mm 1605 mm
at SL 4200 mm 1605 / 2845 mm
Lateral pressure device variable from 1000 mm to 60 mm
Min. suction speed at suction point 35 m/s
Min. suction capacity at SL 3200 4000 m3/h
1000 m³/h for each connection more at pressure beam
Min. vacuum at suction point 830 Pa
Suction point at the base
140 mm ø
140 mm ø
1 piece links or
1 piece right
Suction point at the pressure beam
at SL 3200 mm 100 mm ø, 2 piece
at SL 4200 mm 100 mm ø, 3 piece
Air pressure 6-8 bar
Air requirement 80 l/min
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
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