A worldwide innovation created by PANHANS

Polypan 47

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Panelsawing with vertical sawblade or tilted from 0° to 47° for miter cuts. Unique, future-proof with top precision.


Vertical or horizontal


Vertical or horizontal
Polypan 47
Three functions in one machine with a minimum of space

Poly = many, multiple
Pan = Panhans - Panel - panel beam saws

Polypan 47_2

A real world innovation from the R & D center of the Panel Dividing Technology Division in Austria.

Polypan 47 is economy “live”: No temporary stocks, no extra handling, these are savings one can count on. The minimum of space necessary and the common infrastructure as to power supply, control unit, dustsuction installation for the sawing, boring and routing unit are unique. The integration of the three functions guarantees high production at low cost and an amortization in short time.


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