Typ 690-B Super-Gehrfix mitre fence

Typ 690-B

Adjust the piece — make the cut - finished!

Faster, less time needed for the job, no afterprocessing neccessary.
All this thanks to high precision!
To be used by everybody in the workshop, even unskilled.

Typ 690-B Auxiliary mitre fence
No damage of the nose possible.
Typ 690-B Trouble free job, saves time and money. No jigs, testcuts nor afterprocessing.

Typ 690-B Where do you park your scoring saw?

Scoring saw Auto-EPS
disappears in parking position by pressing a push button
Typ 690-B New memorized positioning of the scoring saw by push button

Typ 690-B One adjustment, one check, ready for go

adjustment of the scoring saw without using tools

Precision and tremendous time saving

Machine type variations

TYP 690 easy4mat
- 690-B easy4mat

- 690-B electronic III plus


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