PANHANS Euro star II- Saw with new ideas ...



Eurostar 2

Pressure beam opening

Eurostar 3

Saw unit (aggregate)
with main and scoring saw blade and saw blade fast changing system APA

Euro Star 4


Eurostar 5

Angle cut device WSA (optional extra)

Saves space

  • Due to its new construction massive storage space underneath the machine is gained

User friendly

  • The electronical positioning of the scoring saw in both the horizontal and vertical positions in the 1/10 area is done from the control and only one of the many possibilities.

Saves time

  • Due to its capacity your delivery will always be on time

Saves work

  • One man operation with easy to handle overtime if necessary

Better quality

  • The additional precision saves time during the assembly process

Better product

  • The cost and supply factor of the machine is optimised in the cutting areas of 4200x4200 mm

Technical Data:

Working area X-axis max.

3200/4200/5800 mm

Working area Y-axis max.

3200/4200 mm

Cutting height max.

100 mm

Emerge of blade max.

110 mm

Main saw motor

15,0 kW

Rpm Main saw motor 4200 1/min
Rotational direction counter rotation
ø main saw blade 350 mm
Scoring saw motor 2,2 kW
Rpm scoring saw 5500 1/min
Rotational direction parallel
ø scoring saw blade 180 mm
Angle cut device - 45° bis + 45°
Feed motor pusher fence 1,1 kW
Scoring motor unit 0,75 kW
Clamps at pusher fence 6/7/9 piece
Clamp position from the left
65/245/395/985/1605/2845 SL 3200 mm
65/245/395/985/1605/2225/3465 SL 4200 mm
65/245/395/985/1605/2225/3465/4705 SL 5800 mm
Stops at pusherstop fence
1 piece at SL 3200/4200 mm
2 pieces at SL 5800 mm
Fence clam sequence from the
2225 mm SL 3200 mm
2845 mm SL 4200 mm
2845/4085 mm SL 5800 mm
Lateral pressure device

variable from 1300 mm to 30 mm. Pre-positioned via the programme!

Min. suction speed at suction point 35 m/s
Min. suction capacity 4600 m3/h (1 point at base,2 at pressure beam)
1000 m3/h (every further point at pressure beam )
Min. vacuum at suction point 830 Pa
Suction points at base 160 mm ø left or right
Suction points at the pressure beam
at SL 3200 100 mm ø 2 pcs.
at SL 4200 100 mm ø 3 pcs.
at SL 5800 100 mm ø 4 pcs.
Air pressure 6-8 bar
Air requirement 80 l/min
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz

Sawing length


Sawing length


Table length

Euro Star II 3200 x 3200 x 1800 (.pdf)


Euro Star II 3200 x 4200 x 1800 (.pdf)


Euro Star II 4200 x 3200 x 1800 (.pdf)


Euro Star II 4200 x 4200 x 1800 (.pdf)

Euro Star II 5800 x 3200 x 1800 (.pdf)
Euro Star II 5800 x 4200 x 1800 (.pdf)
Euro Star II 5800 x 5800 x 1800 (.pdf)



Arguments for Euro Star II (.pdf)

Technical Descriptions (.pdf)

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